V360° are delighted to announce a partnership with SmartCommerce to bring the marketing technology company’s industry-leading Click2Cart® technology platform to the Irish market.

Click2Cart dramatically accelerates eCommerce for brands and their retail partners by enabling consumers to save / cart products from any digital impulse point such as ads, social media, influencers platforms, emails and websites into carts of over 1,000 retailers globally. Click2Cart can also transform offline touch points such as product packaging, press and OOH ads into instantly shoppable media.

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    Accelerate eCommerce and reduce friction by making all your online media shoppable.

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    Ensure no ‘digital dead ends’ by always driving to in stock products.

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    Transform offline touch points into instantly shoppable media.

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    Understand shopper preferences and unlock insights to optimize marketing spend.

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    Flexible ‘pay as you go’ pricing model to cater for all budgets.

Eoghan Phelan

Managing Director of V360°

“We are delighted to bring SmartCommerce’s Click2Cart offering to the Irish market. The world of retail now requires you to win at 3 shelves. The first shelf in physical stores, the second shelf on eCommerce websites and an increasingly important third shelf, which can be defined as any other shoppable touchpoint. Click2Cart enables brands to win at this third shelf, ensuring no digital dead ends for online media while also transforming traditional offline touch points into instantly shoppable media.

Traditional path to purchase thinking no longer applies as the growth of eCommerce, rise of social commerce and proliferation of new media means we constantly shift between consumer and shopper mindsets. Click2Cart ensures brands never miss an opportunity to turn engagement into sales while also driving incremental eCommerce traffic for their retail partners and providing invaluable insight into the channels, formats and creative that are most effective in doing so”.

Lets Talk

To find out more about how Click2Cart can help your brand accelerate eCommerce sales, drop us a note at hello@v360.ie