Find out in our next wave of Shopper Pulse how shoppers will ‘Reset After Summer’. Fieldwork will take place in late August, focusing on shopping behaviours as we get back to normal when schools reopen, and people return from holidays.
Learn how to leverage the key shopper trends in the Irish market, outlined below, to drive growth and avail of an opportunity to explore shoppers’ perspective on your category and brands.
Please contact a member of the V360° team or email to book this syndicated research before Friday 23rd of August.

What is Shopper Pulse?

A qualitative exploration of the WHY behind the WHERE, WHAT and HOW people are shopping. For each wave of Shopper Pulse, V360° conduct 15 different accompanied shopping trips, covering 25 different retail store types.


Our lives are increasingly busy, juggling commitments and time pressures from work, commuting, family life. There is a demand for products and formats that can make life easier, and help people control what they buy, store, prepare, serve and consume.

While there is a combination of factors including relevant range, quality and promotional offers, MINIMUM FRICTION is a leading factor of store choice: ‘get in, get what I want and get out, so I can get on with my life.’

“I find the sauces like Schwartz and Dolmio help me feel I prepared a ‘QUICK SCRATCH’ flavoursome meal” – Top Up Shopper Wave 1

Learn which retailers and brands are delivering on MINIMUM FRICTION to be more convenient.


Today we are presented with an unprecedented level of choice, from everyday staples to new and innovative offerings. While we don’t want to waste time, energy or money, we still look for guidance finding relevant solutions and shortcuts to make our lives easier

Find out what shoppers highlight as good and bad examples of where they received a ‘helping hand’ along the purchase journey across each of the three typical shopper behaviour types:

“I seem to be all over the place, I forget something and have to go back and find it, I’m not very organised!” – Female, Top Up Shopper Wave 1

“I stick to my list as otherwise I spend too much, I know where everything is, the odd time I will impulse buy but in general I don’t, I can’t afford to” – Female, Trolley Shopper Wave 1 

“I want to come in, get what I need & get out, I don’t look at the prices Just get what I need…If I see it’s crowded, I back out!!” – Male, Top Up Shopper Wave 1


Retailtainment is no longer the sole preserve of premium department stores such as Brown Thomas. Grocery stores continue to raise their offering to entice shoppers across their threshold, creating a more relaxed and engaged shopper experience, blurring the lines between leisure, entertainment and retail.

Discover what experiences resonate with shoppers and consumers as they ‘reset after summer.’

“I often pop over to these counters (deli in Supervalu or Sheridan’s in Dunnes etc.) to see if anything nice on offer when doing my shop for weekend” – Female, Top Up Shopper Wave 1


People increasingly want to achieve a holistic approach to physical, environmental and emotional wellbeing. Shoppers are proactively rewarding brands that tap into this territory.

Learn which brands and products are resonating with shoppers in terms of:

“I always look for that little green leaf to show me it’s organic and then I trust it’s true” – Top Up Shopper Wave 1

“I make sure I have protein in all my meals and snacks, – it is good for recovery plus fills me up preventing me eating rubbish” – Top Up Student Shopper Wave 1

“Now if this [Gluten Free] was at the main fixture in store I would have put it in the basket to try” – Female, Trolley Shopper Wave 1

“It is nice to know suppliers and stores are working on less food miles, packaging etc. We definitely use too much plastic, I am always throwing out loads!” – Trolley Shopper Wave 1


Shoppers continue to trade off items within each category, constantly balancing benefit received versus price paid. There is a determination not to be ripped off and learn from the Celtic tiger years.

Explore what currently stands out and is perceived as good value for shoppers in relation to where and what they shop.

“I once would regularly spend €15 for a bottle of wine but during the recession, I cut it back to around €10-12 per bottle. I typically spend within the region of €13-14 now, or €17 for a special occasion!” – Male, Top Up Shopper Wave 1

The last date to book for Wave 2 of Shopper pulse is Friday 23rd August and research will take place in-field from Tuesday 27th August until Tuesday 10th September. If you would like to find out more about how your company can benefit from Shopper Pulse, please find the link below to download the brochure or contact a member of the V360° team at