V360° conducted a series of accompanied shops and discussion groups with Irish shoppers on their Grocery eCommerce customer journey experience, as part of our Shopper Pulse research service in November. We entitled the project Irish Grocery eCommerce: Overlooked and Undercooked.

Fast forward to today, amidst the global pandemic of Covid-19, Supermarkets throughout Ireland are working heroically round the clock to keep shelves stocked and limiting purchases of certain goods, to avoid shortages.

Simultaneously online grocery shopping has surged. For many who cannot or choose not to shop in the local grocery store, online grocery shopping has become a welcome option. All eCom services by Tesco, SuperValu and Buymie are working flat out to keep up with this extraordinary demand.

Our findings from the research highlighted key barriers and triggers for a better online grocery customer experience. These findings will be of value to both retailers and brand owners.

Light & Lapsed Shoppers – Have an inherent lack of confidence in navigating online shopping environment – it’s so different to the store. While the store layout isn’t perfect, it’s familiar, easier and provides a comparatively more enjoyable experience. Some find the whole experience difficult, from navigating the layout of the webpage, to being unsure about freshness and best before dates of products, to finding what they’re looking e.g. searching for alcohol-free and getting mouth wash.

Regular Shoppers – Have figured out, through effort and experience, how to make online shopping work for them. Extol the time saving virtues, so long as they can make the delivery time fit, and talk about being in control of their spend and less likely to be tempted. Nonetheless they still top up in-store, especially for perishables, but will always try to buy bulkier, heavier items online.

Going forward there are three key themes that can enhance the online grocery customer experience by reducing FRICTION and adding REWARD.

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    Help Me Find What I’m Looking For – Just as in store, the importance of customers being able to intuitively see and find what they are looking for is fundamental.

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    Make It Easy For Me – Take the friction out of buying at key touchpoints along the digital Path To Purchase and Moment Of Choice. If your customer wants to purchase your product, make it as easy as possible, whether it’s the main landing page, banner ad, recipe suggestion or digital display ads.

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    Inspire Me – Give me some simple and easy to prepare meal solutions, whether it’s meal bundle offers, or twists and cheats to easily prepare simple tasty meals for me and my loved ones. Especially relevant at this moment in time.

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