V360° recently made our usual pilgrimage to Düsseldorf to attend Euroshop, the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair, held every three years in the gargantuan Messe Düsseldorf. With almost 2,500 exhibitors, from over 60 countries, spread across 17 halls, Euroshop is a must-not-miss event for any retailer, supplier or service provider working in the retail space. Exhibitors span 8 retail dimensions from retail marketing, retail technology, visual merchandising and event marketing to store design, lighting, food service equipment and refrigeration & energy management; ensuring that no matter what area of retail you work in inspiration will be plentiful.

As part of our Shopper Pulse research in 2019, V360° identified a number of key shopper trends which retailers and brands alike must leverage in order to win with the evolving Irish shopper. It was no surprise to see these trends manifested in various ways at Euroshop, with technology at the heart of solutions catering to meet the needs of the ever-demanding shopper of today.


Our lives are increasingly busy, juggling commitments and time pressures from work, commuting and family life. There is a demand for products and formats that can make life easier, and help people control what they buy, store, prepare, serve and consume.

This trend was evident across many stands, with exhibitors showcasing a range of products and services with a common goal of reducing friction in the shopping experience. From intelligent shopping trolleys with scanners and weight sensors to smart shelving and security technology, solutions catering for a cashier-less “just walk out” shopping experience were very evident. There is no doubt that in the coming decade this technology will cease to be the preserve of niche stores and will move further into mainstream retail. Other exhibitors also showcased offerings such as mobile self-checkout solutions, providing alternative options for retailers looking to cater for shoppers seeking a frictionless checkout experience, without the need to invest heavily in infrastructure.

Euroshop 2020
Euroshop 2020


People increasingly want to achieve a holistic approach to physical, environmental and emotional wellbeing. Shoppers are proactively rewarding brands and retailers that tap into this territory.

Sustainability was a hot topic at this year’s Euroshop, with a number of POS and merchandise providers highlighting their sustainability credentials. The growth in zero-waste, package-free stores in recent years was also evident with a range of exhibitors offering solutions to cater for this growing retail format. Of note, also, was an increased number of recycling solutions, with retailers becoming increasingly aware of the need, and benefits, of providing a recycling station in their store.

Euroshop 2020
Euroshop 2020


Today we are presented with an unprecedented level of choice, from everyday staples to new and innovative offerings. While we don’t want to waste time, energy or money, we still look for guidance finding relevant solutions and shortcuts to make our lives easier.

A range of solution providers showcased products which help shoppers navigate the plethora of choice they face in-store. Digital solutions which enable shoppers to scan and learn about products were prominent, while the emergence of voice-activated virtual assistants was also evident, with voice solutions providing assistance to help shoppers choose the best option for their needs at the fixture and to help them navigate the store and find what they’re looking for.

Euroshop 2020
Euroshop 2020


Retailtainment is no longer the sole preserve of premium department stores and retailers of all shapes and sizes continue to raise their offering to entice shoppers across their threshold, creating a more relaxed and engaged shopper experience, blurring the lines between leisure, entertainment and retail.

By the very nature of this trend, solutions relevant to experience very often overlap with the aforementioned trends as providing shoppers with a helping hand and reducing friction in-store will generally provide a more pleasurable shopping experience, while shopping in a store that aligns with your wellbeing values is more likely to make you feel good about that experience. Digital solutions were yet again to the fore of this trend, with digital signage incorporating touchscreen and lift & learn technology giving shoppers a helping hand to compare products and providing a more immersive, enjoyable experience. Solutions such as these can also provide retailers with valuable real-time information such as which products most intrigued shoppers, what the interaction times were with different products and most importantly what the conversion and drop-off rates were, helping to continuously optimise the experience and increase conversion rates.

In addition to digital technologies, it was very evident from halls from the store design, lighting and food service equipment halls that we will continue to see a move towards warmer, less clinical, engaging retail environments which will provide a more pleasurable shopping experience.

From shopper journey understanding and category strategy to custom fixtures and digital in-store experiences, with much more in-between, V360° provide a range of services to help create a better customer experience and optimise engagement in-store. Call us today on 01-2814847 or email info@visualise.ie to find out more.

Main Image source: Euroshop Tradefair