Airfield Estate Food Series – The Consumer – Your Food, Your Choice??

Robert FLAVIN, Director, Strategic Planner from V360º spoke at the Airfield Food Series: The Consumer; Your Food - Your Choice?? about the era of the shopper we are currently in.

Airfield Estate Food Series
The event aims to generate discussions, debate and dialogue on what influences consumers foods choices in the supermarket … what they buy and why they buy it?

Discussing elements such as digitalisation, personalisation and proliferation of choice which shoppers are presented with on a weekly if not daily basis.

Watch Robert’s presentation for an interesting insight into the inherent behaviour biases that shape our shopping behaviour and how retailers and owners can help shoppers to buy better.

“We are not thinking machines that feel; rather we are feeling machines that think” Antonio Damasio – Descartes’ Error

robert flavin

Robert Flavin

Strategic Planning Director of the Visualise Group

“Shoppers are human, just like you and I, who need a little help from time to time.

So it is important to deliver the fundamentals of ease of shop and economic value. While empowering and enticing shoppers to buy better by providing engaging experiences”