Asking Why? is part our DNA at V360°. Why? Because we’re passionate about getting under the skin of shoppers, from different cohorts and backgrounds, to understand what makes them tick. Focusing on what shoppers really do and understanding why they do it, is where real breakthrough can occur. At V360° we have a range of different shopper marketing research approaches which can help to understand what shoppers really want, unlocking profitable growth for our clients.


Eye tracking objectively and accurately measures where shoppers’ attention is focused and their response to stimuli on their shopper journey, online and in-store. The learnings and insights help to design effective communication that will not just catch the shopper’s eye, but be easily understood.


Shopper observation involves observing people in retail environments to better understand their behaviour, how they interact with displays, store layout, fixtures and staff, while shopping. The strength of this methodology is that by not interrupting the shopper it only records and captures natural shopper behaviour. This approach is enhanced by incorporating intercept interviews, to further understand the why behind their shopping behaviour e.g. consumption occasions buying for.


This ethnographic approach, where we accompany and observe peoples’ behaviour, both in-home and in-store, can unlock valuable insights into the role that categories, brands and services play in their daily lives. This approach can also help develop insight that illustrates how to overcome purchase barriers as well as identifying white space for innovation


This focus group led approach, incorporating pre-tasks such as shopping or a family meal diary, helps gain detailed invaluable insight into your target shoppers’ opinions and perceptions of a potential new business idea or evaluating existing products or services


A desk is dangerous place to view the world. This approach gets marketing and commercial teams out of the office into the retail environment such as supermarkets, convenience stores, pubs, cafés, restaurants or shopping malls. Each Safari is tailor-made to a business challenge and can involve a mix of shopper observation, accompanied shops, intercept interviews or staff interviews. V360° facilitates follow up workshops to codify learnings and develop insight territories.

Shopper Usage & Attitudes (U&A)

An online quantitative approach that helps size and measure shopper and consumer perceptions, needs and behaviours to respective categories. We have often used this approach to identify and size opportunities for categories, brands, innovations, channels and retailers so to help prioritise and guide planning and activities. V360° U&A research helps clients focus and prioritise where and how to win more shopping trips.

Shopper Pulse

This is a continuous syndicated qualitative shopper research service, that explores the WHY behind the WHERE, WHAT and HOW people are shopping. For each wave of Shopper Pulse, V360° conduct 15 different accompanied shopping trips, covering 25 different retail store types.

Pharma Focus

This is an annual syndicated pharmacy shopper research service that helps both suppliers and pharmacies understand shoppers’ behaviours, perceptions, needs and missions. This research is designed to understand shopper at a total pharmacy level, plus get a deeper understanding at a category level with insight into 38 different medicinal and health categories. Pharma Focus is an essential insight platform for any business planning to effectively develop a brand and category in-pharmacy.

V360° is a member of the Market Research Society and strictly follows the MRS Code of Conduct and data protection codes when undertaking all market research projects.