92% of us have gone to the shops for a specific item and come home without it
80% of us have refused to buy a plastic bag and tried to carry all items by hand, if we forgot our reusable bag.
71% of us admit to visiting the shops just to get out of the house

Irish Shoppers Spend More Than Two Days Inside a Supermarket Every Year

Irish shoppers make up to eight visits to a supermarket every month, spending an average of 34 minutes each time, according to new research from V360°, the shopper agency. This works out at just over two days a year inside a supermarket!

While we may go to the supermarket to shop for particular items, this research shows we are very open to distraction while there, with 92% saying we have come home without the item we specifically went to pick up!

92% also admit to buying something different than they intended after they were exposed to in-store advertising. This isn’t just a once off, as nearly half of us claim to do this on a fairly regular basis. We’re also open to persuasion when shopping, with 79% saying they have bought food or drink items after receiving a free sample.

Irish shoppers are also quite thrifty! Nearly 8 out of 10 (78%) say that if they forget their reusable shopping bag, they have refused to purchase a plastic bag and instead tried to carry home all of their items by hand!

While many of us will go to the shops to shop, 71% say they have gone to a supermarket just to get out of the house for a while. This is especially common in those aged under 35, with 80% of them saying they have done this. Just over one third of us (36%) have also used a trip to the supermarket as an opportunity to catch up with friends and find out what is going on in the local community.

Some of our less than admirable habits as shoppers were also highlighted in the research by V360°:


Admit to ordering food at the deli, changing their minds and leaving the item on a shelf without purchasing


Of shoppers or their children have eaten something in store and not paid for this item when checking-out


Of shoppers who are parents admit that they have left their child in a shopping aisle to have a tantrum while they continued their shop

Stephen Rust, Joint Managing Director of V360°, says:

stephen rust

“Our recent research gives a real insight into some of the typical behaviours that people engage in when shopping. A better understanding of shopper needs and behaviour can lead to providing better retail and product solutions. This, in turn, will help ease the burden for shoppers while helping retailers and suppliers succeed and thrive in today’s extremely competitive market.”

V360° is a new multi-disciplinary shopper agency which delivers a full shopper solution from insight and strategy right through to final execution. The agency, operated by industry experts The Visualise Group, combines three-way insight into consumers, shoppers and retailers to create shopper solutions that solve business challenges and ultimately creates positive enduring change in shopper behaviour.

Survey Methodology: 1,026 people were surveyed – 51% female, 49% male.