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The Christmas Shop: From Chaos To Calm

This December, Shopper Pulse returns to Bricks’n’Mortar where we will be accompanying shoppers on their Christmas Shop. We will look at the Christmas season in-store through the eyes of shoppers and see the winners and losers of the Christmas Season. Sign up to find out what suppliers and retailers can do better to win the all-important Christmas Season and start planning for Christmas 2020.


The Irish online grocery sector is growing, but continues to lag behind European marketplaces. In Wave 3 of Shopper Pulse, V360° will explore the good, the bad and the ugly of Irish online grocery shopping. Sign up to find out what can suppliers and retailers do better to win the virtual moment of choice – on mobile, tablet or laptop.

How will shoppers ‘reset after summer’?

The next wave of our Shopper Pulse research service, ‘Reset After Summer’ will take place in late August and focus on shopping behaviours as we get back to normal when schools reopen, and people return from holidays. Shopper Pulse offers a qualitative exploration of the WHY behind the WHERE, WHAT and HOW people are shopping.

Introducing ‘Pharma Focus’ in 2019!

Through ongoing review of the Irish pharmacy market over the past number of years, there is a recognition of the opportunity for growth within the ever-changing market. V360° and ECR have come together to form a syndicated pharmacy research solution to support suppliers, pharmacies and service providers to unlock growth with relevant Irish pharmacy shopper insight.

V360° Launch ‘Shopper Pulse’!

V360° are delighted to announce the launch of Shopper Pulse, our new Syndicated Accompanied Shop Research. The main purpose of this service is to help enhance your business performance by ensuring that the shopper’s perspective is an inherent part of your brand and category activation plans.